Conference on Finance, Labor and Inequality

19 Jun 2023 - 20 Jun 2023, “Mario Cacace” Multimedia Center - Anacapri (Capri), Italy

The Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance (CSEF) and the Review of Corporate Finance Studies (RCFS) invite paper submissions on the interaction of financial and labor markets, as well as the impact of finance on inequality.

TOPICS: Possible issues include:
- role of employees in the governance and financing of companies,
- response of wages, employment, and career trajectories to financial shocks,
- effects of finance on income and wealth inequality and on social mobility,
- risk-sharing arrangements between firms and workers,
- financial development, employment, and income distribution,
- effects of financial regulations on human capital investment and job reallocation.

The conference aims to bring together financial and labor economics researchers to discuss issues from the point of view of both disciplines. Submissions are open to members of the scientific committee. Each paper will be assigned to a discussant. Participants are expected to stay for the entire conference duration, which will be held at the “Mario Cacace” Multimedia Center, Via Giuseppe Orlandi 10, Anacapri (Capri), Italy. The symposium begins with a dinner on Sunday evening, June 18, and ends with lunch on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

Accommodation expenses will be covered for a maximum of three nights (June 18, 19, and 20). Travel expenses (economy fare tickets only) will be refunded only for Ph.D. students and postdocs.

PAPER SUBMISSION: Authors are invited to electronically submit papers in PDF format (including abstract, authors’ affiliations, and contact information) to Ms. Stefania Maddaluno at by March 20, 2023.

DUAL SUBMISSION OPTION: In the submission, authors should indicate if they wish their paper to be considered (at no extra fee) for publication by RCFS under the Dual Submission Program. This is a “no-fault” submission option: if the RCFS reviews the paper and rejects it, the authors may submit it to any SFS journal at a later date as if it was never submitted. See for details.

CONFERENCE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Ashwini Agrawal (LSE), Jan Bena (UBC), Effi Benmelech (Northwestern), Claire Célérier (Toronto), Vicente Cunat (LSE), Marco di Maggio (HBS), Andrew Ellul (Indiana and CSEF), Isil Erel (Ohio State), Paolo Fulghieri (UNC), Luigi Guiso (EIEF), Isaac Hacamo (Indiana), Camille Hebert (Toronto), Sabrina Howell (NYU), Jessica Jeffers (HEC), Camelia Kuhnen (UNC), Spyridon Lagaras (Pittsburgh), Robert Marquez (UC Davis), Adrien Matray (Princeton), David Matsa (Northwestern), Ernst Maug (Mannheim), Claudio Michelacci (EIEF), Paige Parker Ouimet (UNC), Marco Pagano (Naples Federico II, CSEF and EIEF), Vincenzo Pezone (Tilburg University), Gordon Phillips (Dartmouth), Roberto Pinto (Lancaster), Alessio Piccolo (Indiana), Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford), Maddalena Ronchi (Institute for Fiscal Studies), Raffaele Saggio (UBC), Julien Sauvagnat (Bocconi University), Fabiano Schivardi (LUISS and EIEF), Annalisa Scognamiglio (Naples Federico II and CSEF), Rui Silva (Nova School of Business and Economics), Elena Simintzi (UNC), Joacim Tåg (IFN), David Thesmar (MIT), Vikrant Vig (Northwestern), Paolo Volpin (Drexel University), Liu Yang (Maryland), Josef Zechner (Vienna).

FUNDING: This conference is funded by CSEF, the Society for Financial Studies, and the Unicredit Foundation.