Experimental Financial Economics Special Issue - Quarterly Journal of Finance

We are pleased to invite researchers to submit their papers for consideration to a special issue of the Quarterly Journal of Finance that focuses on experimental finance broadly defined. In this special issue, we aim to assemble high quality original research work that uses laboratory, surveys or field experiments to investigate financial economics research questions. We also welcome papers that study methodological issues related to experimental finance. Given the proposed publication date, Spring 2024, we seek to have a faster review process than usual, with only one revision round, hence we do not seek very early-stage papers.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: All manuscripts, should be submitted by Feb 15, 2023 through the journal website (https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscinet/qjf). Authors should indicate in the cover letter that the manuscript should be considered for the “Experimental Finance” special issue.

Deadline for Proposals for papers to be considered for the special issue: Feb 15, 2023
Acceptance Deadline (after reviews and responses to reviews): Mar 15, 2024
Publication of the Special Issue: Spring 2024

Manuscripts submitted after the deadline may not be considered for the special issue and may be transferred to a regular issue.

Papers will be subject to a review process and the final decision will be given by the guest editors. You are welcome to contact the guest editors, Yehuda (Yud) Izhakian, Debrah Meloso and Orly Sade in case there is a need to discuss the fit of the different topics to the special issue.

We plan that accepted papers will be published online individually, before the print publication of the special issue.